《Vegetable preservation technology by control ethylene gas (※patent pending)》

  • Ethylene gas, which is the cause of aging of fruits and vegetables, is efficiently decomposed into carbon dioxide and water even in the dark, and the generated carbon dioxide and water contribute to maintaining the freshness of food!

【Amazing function】

・The validation test at the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research Osaka University , has proven innovative functions not found in the past.

≪Experiment using Fresh Preservative Pad≫

  • Ethylene gas drops sharply after 3 hours of using the Fresh Preservative Pad and almost to zero after 6 to 24 hours. Even in the absence of light, in the refrigerator, the decompose function is unchange.
  • Compared to commercial bags, Fresh Preservative Pads keep fresh for about 7 to 14 days at room temperature. (※ refrigerated for 30 to 45 days).


  • We are testing at the Japan Food Analysis Center and confirm safety

【How to use】

  • In case of saving bags, put newspaper or kitchen paper with high water absorbency in and close the bag with a little air left.
  • In the case of storage in carton (during transportation), should be preserved the Fresh Preservative Pads above vegetables and paste the box with tape.
  • This pad can be reused.

Storage and preserve of fresh fruits and vegetables during transportation

  • Fresh Preservative Pad contributes to keeping freshness and increase the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables of during storage and transportation (apple, papaya, mango, etc…).